GOAL Code of Conduct 

Events and listservs managed or held by the Genomics Organization for Academic Laboratories (GOAL) exist for the professional development of members and for the advancement of patient care by collaborations among academic laboratory departments. Members and guests of events and listservs are expected to conduct themselves with professionalism, cordiality and respect. At a minimum, GOAL expects members and guests to abide by local and national laws, and GOAL's General Rules for Antitrust Compliance, when attending or interacting at GOAL events and on GOAL listservs.

Furthermore, GOAL leadership has developed a ‘no tolerance’ policy toward misconduct by members or guests that results in physical or emotional harm to fellow members, guests or employees of GOAL or event facilities. By registering for an event or participating on a listserv, participants are expected to uphold the spirit of this code of conduct, which is intended to support the professional benefits of GOAL affiliation. 

Complaints may be submitted confidentially to the GOAL Board, by contacting the Administrator by phone at 302-660-4944 or by email to [email protected]. If a complaint is brought to the attention of the Administrator, the GOAL Board shall be convened to determine, through a conscientious review of evidence, whether an individual has violated the code of conduct. If a violation of the code of conduct is judged to have occurred by a unanimous vote, the Board may either issue a warning to correct the behavior (which will subsequently be monitored by the Board) or the Board may recommend that the individual will be excluded from participation in GOAL events and/or listservs for a period of no less than two years from the date of judgment. The individual may appeal the exclusion decision of the Board to the entire Academic Advisory Committee (AAC) by contacting the Administrator; the appeal decision of the AAC will be determined by a majority vote. If excluded from participation, at the end of two years, the individual may request in writing permission to participate in GOAL events and/or listservs, at which time the Board may grant such permission. The individual may appeal the permission decision of the Board to the entire AAC by contacting the Administrator; the permission decision of the AAC will be determined by a majority vote.