GOAL appreciates its Founding Sponsors who value the need for a centralized organization of academic laboratories performing genomic testing. We believe GOAL is revolutionizing inter-academic cooperation in personalized medicine and biomarker testing and opens new avenues for partnership between the academic molecular pathology community and industry. Founding Sponsors are underwriting and accelerating the initial projects of the organization and will receive acknowledgement and unique opportunities to reach the audience of GOAL member laboratories. Representatives from each of the Founding Sponsors serve on GOAL’s Industry Advisory Committee. Our first projects will be to establish concordance across sites as a way to demonstrate value and identify a path forward for data-sharing and integration across sites. This will lay the groundwork for industry sponsored multi-site projects.

While the Founding Sponsorship period has now closed (December 31, 2021), other opportunities such as Meeting Sponsorships continue to be available! If you are interested in sponsoring future GOAL meetings, please contact GOAL at: [email protected]. Industry Memberships from corporate sponsors will open in 2023.

GOAL supports a wide range of projects and supplies administrative management and scientific review of multi-site projects. This eliminates the need for individual site budgeting, contracting and process review. Examples include (but are not limited to) multi-institutional biomarker-related projects, such as:

  • Multi-site biomarker testing evaluation
  • Novel biomarker testing development
  • Data mining to identify candidate biomarkers
  • Targeted laboratory practice surveys for information gathering
  • Bioinformatics development for specific biomarkers
  • Multi-site clinical trial accrual and testing support
  • Regulatory submissions
  • Shared bioinformatics pipeline development for variant detection and computationally derived metrics (e.g. Tumor mutation burden, Homologous Recombination Defects)
  • Novel projects with custom gene content

A key advantage of this collaborative alliance is the streamlining of multi-site projects by utilizing standing agreements with each institution, which will:

  • Ease the legal and regulatory burdens for each site to contribute and share samples and data
  • Permit a process by which interested parties can submit a Request for Participation to our network of laboratories for projects like those above

For more information on supporting GOAL, contact:

Mel Limson, PhD, GOAL Administrator
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 302.660.4944