GOAL January 2022 Virtual Meeting 

Thank you to the attendees of the GOAL 2022 Virtual Meeting that occurred on January 25, 2022! Special thanks to GOAL’s Founding Sponsors, who have invested in the vision of the unique collective strength and expertise within the GOAL consortium of academic labs, as well as our Meeting Sponsors. View selected recordings from the GOAL 2022 Virtual Meeting below!

Opening Welcome and Co-Founder Updates, Rena Xian (Hopkins)/Yulong Fu (UAB) and Dara Aisner (U Colorado)/Jeremy Segal (U Chicago).

Upcoming Clinical Biomarkers: Beyond the Usual Targets: Emerging Therapy Targets in Solid Tumor NGSDan Jones, Ohio State University


Enhancing Utilization of NGS: Contamination Assessment for Tumor-only NGSFei Dong, Brigham & Women's Hospital


Regulatory and Legislative Updates: VITAL-VALID-MDUFA-MoreEric Konnick, University of Washington